What is this?

This is a program for fast visualization of molecules in OS/2 operating system. It had been initially based on the sources of the ViewMol3D v. 3.75 program, but later has been substantially redeveloped to fit our requirements and for compatibility with the WarpMesaGL graphic library.

PMViewMol3D is able to process output files produced by the following programs:

How it works?

The program is very simple to use. You do not need to follow any File→Open…​/Import/etc menu items. It is enough to run it from command line with a file name as a parameter. One can do this even simpler — just drag-and-drop file icon onto the icon of PMViewMol3D. The program reads the latest available set of Cartesian coordinates from the file and creates a window with a model of the molecule.

Here are some examples of molecules visualized by PMViewMol3D.

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5

Where to get?

The latest available version 0.2.3 beta can be downloaded here (1.6 Mb).

Latest changes

  • Added possibility to rotate molecules using mouse.

  • Added possibility to zoom in/out molecules with q and w keys.

  • Now program reads first table of Cartesian coordinates (in Bohrs) in (PC) GAMESS/Firefly output files.

  • WarpMesaGL library has been updated.


Thanks to

  • Andrew Ryzhkov and Arcady Antipin for sources of ViewMol3D program,

  • Evgeny Kotsuba for WarpMesaGL library,

  • WiZard for design-related help.