UNEX is a programming environment for investigation of molecular structure. We develop new and existing experimental methods and combine them to increase accuracy and precision of results. At the current stage the full support of gas electron diffraction (GED) investigations is provided, from the calibration of instruments and data reduction to the refinement of molecular structure. Additionally, rotational constants can be used solely or in combination with GED data for determination of molecular geometry.

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Recent activity

UNEX 1.6

2019-12-02:  Print cc info when building Linux debug version
2019-12-02:  Manual updated
2019-12-02:  Cleanup in docs
2019-12-02:  Manual updated
2019-11-28:  Set minimal supported version of macOS to 10.10
2019-11-23:  Added testing script for Windows
2019-11-23:  Provide script for testing UNEX in *NIX systems
2019-11-23:  Update script for Windows deletes only official old files
2019-11-22:  Update script for *NIX removes only old official files
2019-11-22:  Fixed update PS script for Windows

UNEX 2.0

2019-12-05:  Langref updated
2019-12-05:  Langref updated
2019-12-04:  Refined access status of module API docs
2019-12-04:  Langref updated
2019-12-03:  Increase 3rdparty ver for Linux release
2019-12-03:  Added OpenMPI2 UMW to Linux builds
2019-12-02:  Added new test for libtiff
2019-12-02:  UKL: detect Windows Server 2019
2019-12-02:  Uptest: save make log when building UNEX1
2019-12-02:  Added docs
UNEX and its main developer Yury Vishnevskiy (on the right) at the top of Ismoil Somoni Peak (7495 m) on Aug 9, 2017.