UNEX is a programming environment for investigation of molecular structure. We develop new and existing experimental methods and combine them to increase accuracy and precision of results. At the current stage the full support of gas electron diffraction (GED) investigations is provided, from the calibration of instruments and data reduction to the refinement of molecular structure. Additionally, rotational constants can be used solely or in combination with GED data for determination of molecular geometry.

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Recent activity


2022-10-23:  Added time tester for detecting outdated UNEX versions
2022-10-23:  License generator added
2022-10-21:  Updated docs
2022-08-29:  Adjusted paths for moved scripts
2022-08-29:  Moved scripts for consistency
2022-08-28:  Added new test
2022-08-22:  Code cleanup and documentation
2022-08-21:  Manual updated
2022-08-20:  Updated manual
2022-08-19:  Renamed parts of code for consistency


2022-10-27:  Update script for Windows can use multiple servers
2022-10-27:  Update script on *NIX can check multiple servers
2022-10-27:  use curl for URL validation in update script
2022-08-19:  Added options for debugging of finding libs
2022-08-19:  Cleanups in Mir code
2022-08-18:  Rename consistently Uodt to Modt
2022-08-18:  Updated tests
2022-08-17:  Cleanups in docs
2022-08-17:  Renaming cleanup
2022-08-17:  Moved UMW to MirMPIW
UNEX and its main developer Yury Vishnevskiy (on the right) at the top of Ismoil Somoni Peak (7495 m) on Aug 9, 2017.